Trans-Labrador Highway

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Trans-Labrador Hwy Travel Guide

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Km 0 Border of Quebec-Labrador. Congratulations, you've made it! This is the end of Quebec Hwy 389. From here on you are on the Trans-Labrador Highway.
Km 5 Duley Lake Family Park. Great campground. Lot of open spaces and some black spruces. Sites available near Long Lake or along Walsh River. Restroom and shower. Very affordable. (709) 282-3660.
Km 15
Labrador City, and a branch road to Wabush. Both of these towns exist because of mining. In fact, it's the site of Canada's largest iron ore mine. All of the usual services are available here.
Km 23 Heading east, there's no gas, no services, no nothing, until you reach Churchill Falls, 240km away.
Gravel road for the next 535 km.
Km 182 Ossokmanuan Lake
Km 243 Here the highway crosses the Churchill River (what's left of it). There's a  trail to what's left of the falls on the south side of the highway, at the west end of the bridge.  Don't be put off by the "trail closed" sign - it was put up because a plank bridge across a small stream is falling apart.
Km 265

Churchill Falls town.  A small town of about 600, it is entirely owned and run by the Churchill Falls Labrador Corporation (the power company). This is your last chance for gas or other supplies until you reach Goose Bay, 288km to the east.
The tour of the Churchill Falls generating station is worthwhile. The actual generating station is almost 1000 feet underground. You must book a spot for the tours (free) in advance, at the town office (which is pretty hard to find - ask someone). CLICK HERE for a topo map of the Churchill Falls area.

Km 460 Here the highway begins a long descent down from the central Labrador Plateau.  When you reach the bottom after many miles, the vegetation has changed remarkably. Once again there are tall trees, and there are species other than black spruce.  I don't know how far the road descends, but the elevation change must be substantial.
Km 525 Muskrat Falls. Well worth a look. Enjoy these falls while you can - they will be eradicated in a few years.  There is serious work underway to "develop" these falls as a hydro-electric project.
Km 555 Goose Bay. CLICK HERE for a topo map of the Churchill Falls area.
  West River

SORRY! This guide is not yet complete.

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